Segundo Saxes

The Segundo Saxes quartet has been around since 2009 and consists of both adult, and student saxophone players. They play a variety of genres of music, including Classical, Jazz, Rags, Rock, show tunes, and holiday music. The quartet plays at a variety of events in and around El Segundo, and has public performances several times a year.

The Segundo Saxes are available for hire by donating to the South Bay Music Association. To find out more information and upcoming performances about them visit their FaceBook page.

El Segundo Brass

The El Segundo Brass was formed by members of the El Segundo Concert Band in order to perform the extensive brass ensemble repertoire. They can tailor their programs to suit the occasion, drawing on repertoire from Baroque and Classical music, Folk Songs, Jazz, Rags, Rock, Broadway Show tunes, and Holiday music. The ES Brass has the flexibility to provide quartets, quintets, octets and larger ensembles as an event might require. The ensemble has performed at a various events in and around El Segundo, especially during the Christmas season, when traditional brass music is in great demand.

The ES Brass is available for hire by donating to the South Bay Music Association, a registered non-profit organization that supports music in public education in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County, California.