Every donation to the South Bay Music Association helps create a positive impact on the culture of El Segundo

by supporting music in the schools and community! Help impact people's lives in El Segundo!

The South Bay Music Association is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the State of California.

Federal Charitable Donation Tax ID: 33-1031620, California Tax ID: 2461560

You may also donate by check.

Please make checks out to South Bay Music Association and send to:

501 California, El Segundo, CA 90245.

Thank You for Your Support!

How can your donation help our programs?

El Segundo Concert Band

$100: One piece of music for El Segundo Concert Band

$250: Lighting engineer for one Concert

$500: Backdrop or stage decoration for one concert

$600: ESCB Conductor for one month

$750: Marketing support

$1000: Printing costs

$2000: Insurance for one year

Scholarships, Mini-Grants & Music in the Schools

$10: One pair of new drum sticks

$35: One pair of marching shoes

$60: One new snare drum head

$100: One new piece of band music

$200: Truck rental for one competition

$300: One competition fee

$500: One Perry DeNisi private lesson scholarship award

$1,000: One Senior scholarship award (Edie and Mike Rice Instrumental Scholarship)

$2,000: One new oboe, bassoon, french horn, tenor or bari Sax

$5,000: One year of mini-grant support for El Segundo School District music teachers

$15,000: One permanent trailer for band equipment