Donors & Contributors

The South Bay Music Association gratefully acknowledges the people and organizations that have contributed generously to us this season

Music Director Level

$2,000 and up

  • Cadman, Neil and Rebecca
  • Chevron Products Company
  • El Segundo Rotary Club
  • Faivre, Michael and Kristin
  • Fisher, Bill and Laurie
  • Gould, Mark and Jill
  • Gregory, Jason
  • Gulden, Ryan
  • Katz, Debra
  • Lin, Joey and Kelly
  • Martin, John and Kathy
  • Masonic Lodge
  • Monroy, Eslim and Rosy
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Priebe, John and Jennifer
  • Sexton, Peri and Bill
  • Wopschall, Vaughn and Gail

Conductor Level

$1,000 - $1,999

  • Allen, Angela
  • Alva, Jesse and Dora
  • America's Charities
  • Cambria Hotel
  • Cantu, Abe
  • Cantu, Julie
  • Chevron Matching
  • Crowley, Brian and Kitty
  • Fahey, Helen
  • Fukuda, Michael and Brenda
  • Gardner, Jenny and Patrick
  • Georgious, Dean and Anna
  • Goodreau, Brandi and Tony
  • Goodyear, David and Breana
  • Hernandez, Carissa
  • Judge, Lisa and Chuck
  • Kartvedt, Mikal and Nanmarie
  • Kono-Noble, Carol and John
  • Lee, JiYung
  • Mann, James and Joyce
  • Mason, Elizabeth and Greg
  • Matulich, Branden and Nicole
  • Mazuk, Ann
  • McDonald, Amy and Steve
  • Narahara, Kathryn
  • O'Riley, Kathryn
  • Odabashian, Karen
  • Peregrina, Consuelo
  • Petersen, Karen
  • Powell, Nancy
  • R.U.S.A. Matching Gift Program
  • Raytheon
  • Robert, Laurie and Scott
  • Soon, Christopher and Zenia
  • Sung, Christine
  • Thompson, Matthew and Amber
  • Tinoco, David and Eileen
  • Veloz, Alex and Nancy
  • Vinzon, Noel and Arlene
  • Walsh, Ashley
  • Wang, Ann
  • Warner, Rebecca
  • Wittig, Erland and Naomi
  • Woolson, Thomas
  • Yamamoto, Misao

Concert Master Level

$500 - $999

  • Amazon Smile
  • American Endowment Foundation
  • American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
  • Bonilla, Hector and Ana
  • Chipotle
  • Christian, Mark
  • Cray, Dan and Jane
  • Davies, Chris and Janice
  • Davies, Janice
  • El Segundo Kiwanis
  • Gold Health and Safety
  • Gutierrez, Sergio and Maria
  • Hatcher, Bill
  • Hollis, Loretta
  • Honda, Tomo and Jun
  • Hugo, Charles
  • Islands
  • Kao, Joan
  • Kono-Noble, Carol
  • Lavelle, Mary
  • Le, Anne
  • Lee, Rita
  • Levin, Beth
  • Loose, Michael and Carol
  • McClemens, Karoline
  • McFarlane, Rob and Evelyn
  • Nelson, Katie
  • Nicolai, Adam and Linda
  • Nieves, Michelle
  • Nishimoto, Aya
  • Noshimoto, Aya
  • Odabashian, Steve and Liz
  • Perelman, Charles
  • Piibe, Alary and Ann-Marie
  • Powell, Chris
  • Rice, Mike and Edie
  • Rubinoff, Jeanne
  • Russ, Tom and Ellen
  • Simons, Diane
  • Symantec
  • Szetho, Eng and Francis
  • Szeto, Loneta
  • To, Derek and Tracy
  • Trujilli, Sophia and Gilbert
  • Verfaillie, Tarcis
  • Wang (Li), Jiehui and Wen
  • Washington Iron Works
  • Wiltz, David and Linda
  • Wingate, Lesley

Principal Level

$250 - $499

  • Bijlsma, Ron and Anne Kremer
  • Brock, Gregory
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Campbell, Maria and Brian
  • Cardenas, Sara
  • CBRE Foundation
  • Dischinger, Susan
  • Fudenna, Tiffany
  • Gardena Band Boosters
  • Goyette, Norman
  • Gustafson Nicolai PC
  • Harper, Rob and Susannah
  • Jimenez, B J
  • Jimenez, Baldo
  • Lance, Andrea
  • Lao, John and Elisa
  • Lee, Jung
  • Levenson, Carla
  • Luna, Sheila and Raul
  • McAndrews, Veronica
  • Ranjan, Niraj and Meeta
  • Reeves, Harry
  • Rock and Brews
  • Salinda, Steve
  • Seclen, Anna Sanchez
  • Smith, Diana
  • Taback-Winters, Jason and Linda
  • United Methodist Church of El Segundo
  • WME Foundation

Musician Level

$100 - $249

  • Abby Road Transportation
  • Advanced IS Corporation
  • Ash, America
  • Avery, Kelley
  • Bourdette, Ines
  • Britt's Bar-B-Que
  • Buchen, Cecelia
  • Davidson, Fred
  • Day, Dianna and Hal
  • Dynes, George and Barbara
  • Eidem, Chris
  • Eidem, Jennifer
  • Fahey, Matthew and Louise
  • Fitzgerald, Kitty
  • Franklin, Arden
  • Gridley, Rick and Carmen
  • Hall, Curtis
  • Jackson, Connor
  • Janicek, Libor and Marisa
  • Jones, Michael
  • Koch, Paula
  • Kramer, Ian and Sherry
  • LLR (for Veronica McAndrews)
  • McHale, Ann
  • Minton, Mikayla
  • Pie Squared Pizza
  • Reid, Helene
  • Rodman, Dottie
  • Rowe, Cynthia
  • Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill
  • Schnurer, Angela
  • Snyder, Cynthia
  • Takeuchi, Julia
  • Terraza Design Group
  • The Habit Burger Grill
  • Ukrisna, Heather
  • Zhou, Jinghong

Patron Level

Up to $99

  • Byers, Stephanie
  • Chen, Jia Jie
  • Claverie, Shelia
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Craig, Lily
  • Curran, Angela
  • Davidson, Hope
  • Deulofeu, Ricardo and Sara
  • DW General Fund
  • Good Done Great
  • Hahn, Carol
  • Hiller, Jennifer
  • Isono, Betty
  • McClees, Jim and Joanna
  • Perfect Health
  • Petersen, Nancy
  • Reed, Rick
  • Romero, Ramon
  • Shanman, Roberta
  • Smith, Dee
  • Stewart, Michelle
  • Stuft Pizza
  • Suzanne Mattijetz
  • Swire, Diane
  • Wong Lai, Edwin and Anita
  • Yoon Enterprises

The organizations below contributed their expertise, creativity, and resources to help us produce our shows. Pro bono contributors are marked with an asterisk

The Los Angeles Lakers* sent Laker Girls Heather and Danielle to our Take Me Out the Ballgame show in uniform to autograph photos, be interviewed on stage during the show, and talk with concert patrons.

The Los Angeles Dodgers* provided Dodger baseball hats for the band to wear during our Take Me Out to the Ballgame show.

Dennis McNeil*, opera and broadway singer/actor and regular performer for the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, and Clippers, narrated Casey at the Bat and sang God Bless America in our Take Me Out the Ballgame show.

Terri-Rae Elmer*, news anchor for radio station KFI, was the narrator for "Twas the Night Before Christmas" for Winter Wonderland. KFI (AM 640) broadcast the live recording of that song on its John and Ken Show as well on the Tim Conway Jr. Show on Christmas eve.

Universal Studios* provided many give aways for their 2010 Christmas movie to patrons at Winter Wonderland. They also provided the grand prize for our drawing at end of the event. This is the second of our shows Universal has played a key role in.

Bell Event Services has given us significant discounts on lighting and sound, enabling us to provide an enhanced audio/visual experience to our concert patrons throughout the years.

International Gardens* provided the Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, and poinsettias for Winter Wonderland. In prior years, they created the enchanted forest for A Child's Magical Dreams, provided all the foliage for A Night in Vienna, and brought in selected foliage that swayed in the wind for our Music In Motionconcert.

Legacy Dance Academy* choreographed and performed two dances for Winter Wonderlandand our Music In Motion show.

Fred Allen & Associates* provided the dance floor for Winter Wonderland, enabling the dancers to perform special movements that would not have been possible on the concrete stage.

Jack Tillar*, Academy Award and Emmy Award winner, narrated Lincoln's Portrait in our Salute To Heroes concert.

Paul Draper*, house magician at the Las Vegas Venetian, mesmerized our audience with his magic, singing, and educational story telling for A Child's Magical Dreams.

Christopher Lennertz*, Grammy award winner and Emmy nominee as well as a composer for major motion pictures, hosted a tour of his recording studio for our Music Symposium.

William Stromberg* conducted a master class for our Music Symposium and guest conducted at our 10th Anniversary Celebration concert.. Mr. Stromberg is a Grammy-nominated conductor, and has composed and conducted many scores for movies.

Stu Phillips*, a twice nominated for a Grammy award, conducted a master class for our Music Symposium on his experiences in the music industry.

Gold Health and Safety* had two advertising banners made for us in such a way that they are re-usable for any performance that we have. The company also printed, in color, our concert program for A Child's Magical Dreams and Music In Motion.

The El Segundo Fire Department* brought an engine to our Salute To Heroes show to give children tours of equipment these heroes use every day in our community.

The El Segundo Police Department* brought the canine unit to our Salute to Heroes concert to demonstrate the amazing skills and capabilities of the animal.

Danny Roque*, a performing and entertaining fixture in El Segundo, took our audience on a journey through the enchanted forest, guiding them from one song to the next through the spoken word and gestures, to help them recapture their childhood's magical dreams.

Britt's Bar-B-Que fired up the grill to cook brisket, pulled pork, and hot dogs for our Music in Motion show. Britt's was also the featured food vendor in Winter Wonderland.

Universal Studios* provided movie posters, caps and T-shirts for Magnificent Movie Music concert patrons, and permission to display the bicycle chase scene from E.T. while the band performed the score.

Regency Ballroom* professionally choreographed and performed two waltzes for A Night in Vienna, to show the musicality and grace of the Vienna genre of waltz.

Chevron*, in addition to being a significant financial supporter of the band, also purchased battery-operated stand lights for us that we use for all our evening and outdoor shows.

Sunset Floors* provided the dance floor for our Viennese waltzes so that the dancers had an optimal surface for their grand steps and twisting movements.

Chef Hannes provided the decorative ideas for the Viennese town square for our A Night in Vienna show, including the wurselstands, and specially prepared the cuisine for Vienna and the enchanted forest.

Jason Sluyter* was our very convincing Mozart, coming in full costume for A Night in Vienna and entertaining and educating the audience about the Viennese music the band was performing.

The South Bay Music Association is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the State of California.

Federal Charitable Donation Tax ID: 33-1031620, California Tax ID: 2461560